Friday, February 25, 2011

Newsletter - Issue 7

President’s Report

Happy New Year to all members.

The club lost a great member with the passing of Harold Sanders. Many members attended his funeral.  Harold was a Life Member, was a past President and served on several committees.  He worked very hard for the club and will be sadly missed.  Our sympathy to his wife Faye and family.

The Men’s Committees Tournament, March, Selectors and Special Events Director have worked extremely hard this season in endeavouring to keep members happy on and off the greens.

Tournament Committee has mid-week games running well on Fridays and could take more teams.

Match Committee has done a very good job in getting all the Club Championships running and at this time, nearly all events are completed.

The men’s Singles Champion this year is again Michael Adams, and runner-up Doug Harlow.  The Minor Championship was won by Andrew Johnson, runner-up Michael Keel.

The Selection Committee have had a difficult job most weeks with the number of players being unavailable to play pennant.

With only three rounds of pennant to be played this season, the position of sides so far is:

  • 1st side    -    7th position
  • 2nd side-    5th position
  • 3rd side        1st position
  • 4th side    -    4th position
  • 5th side    -    1st position
  • 6th side        6th position
  • 7th side    -    10th position

The Director of Special Events, Roy Hughes, advised that entry forms for “Cardinia Watters Invitation Fours” (Gents, Ladies or Mixed) to be played on Thursday 14th April will be available on Sunday 6th February.  Entries for this event close on Friday 8th April.

Good bowling!

Brian Gates
President Men’s Section

Lady President’s Report

December proved to be an exhausting month with so much happening within our club.

First was our fabulous “Lila Cotter Day” – A Christmas Fantasia.  To those members who witnessed the setting up of this event, you surely realise how much work and effort goes into the running of a special day.  To all who assisted to make this day truly memorable, I thank you most sincerely.  We had 34 teams playing, with Somerville being the winners of the day.

The four Tuesday pennant sides had a Happy Christmas breakup party, with much noise and laughter and gift giving.  Thank you to the two home teams for providing the afternoon tea.  We also welcomed many of our friends to join in the fun, and it was wonderful to see Jetta back with us again.

We finished the month by providing a great Christmas dinner dance for all our members. With catering provided by “Catering by Melissa” and toe-tapping music by “Ramon”, it was voted a terrific night.  To all those who missed out this year, mark it down to come in 2011.

January will see us back fighting to do better with our pennant, so will finish by wishing you all a very happy 2011.


To All Our Lady Bowlers

Where has all our enthusiasm gone?

I have been giving this question a lot of thought lately, and I would like to recap back a few years to the time when I took up bowling and joined the Berwick Bowling Club.

At that time, there was a bowler by the name of Glad Begg.  Her advice to me was to enter every club competition available in order to gain bowling knowledge and to learn from our more experienced bowlers.  This was a wonderful lesson for me because our top bowlers entered all these events and were always available and happy to pass on their bowling etiquette and knowledge, i.e. how to read and build a head, why a Skip is asking you to bowl a certain way and not your favoured hand etc, and to know and understand the etiquette of lawn bowls. 

This is all, so important to your overall enjoyment of the game and your development as a bowler.

This is not happening anymore – our top players are not entering club events for some reason.  Our new bowlers and lower handicap players also need to enter and receive encouragement and assistance with their game.  This is why I am asking “where has all our enthusiasm gone?”

Now I know you will say “that’s why we have coaches”, but it is not the same as actually receiving this experience in a proper formatted game.  In the next couple of months we have the Proportional Handicap and Lady President’s Handicap events, so come on you lady bowlers, enter.  Let’s get our enthusiasm back and improve our bowls at the same time.

Lady President – Wendy

Thursday Challenge

9th December was the final day of our Thursday Challenge 10-12 weekly.  We managed only eight days of play, having been rained out two days, and Invitation 4’s and Oaks Day (rained( taking preference.

Attendances were often disappointing with an average of only 15 per day.  The total number of players participating over the eight weeks was 30.  It seems a shame the day cannot attract more ladies as it is an excellent introduction to competitive bowls for our new members not yet playing pennant.
Thanks go to the established bowlers who regularly supported the day, giving guidance to the new players.

The final day was one of fun and laughter over a shared lunch, followed by the awarding of prizes to the best attendance, jackpot and winners of the day.
Thanks again to you all, also our sponsors (forever grateful to them) and my hard working assistant, Heather.


End of Season Dinner 24th March

Watch the social board for details.
Also raffle for social fundraiser will be posted soon.

End of Season Trip

For details re the 5 day trip to Echuca in May, see details on the social board.

For Sale

New ladies’ navy VLBA Juile zip vest size 10.  Price:  $50.  Please contact Anita on: 9796 1427 or 0409 990989.

From The Bar

Thank you to all who have offered to serve behind the bar.   More volunteers are still needed to assist during the running of the Corporate Challenge to be run every Monday night for the month of February.   Profits from the bar are a good source of revenue for the Club.   If you are interested, contact Geoff Eager or Ralph Jans.

Thank you to all who have volunteered to do the course in responsible serving of alcohol.  We hope to run this course at the Club in late February.   Those involved will be notified of the time and date.

Geoff Eager
Bar Manager

Peter Clavarino

Some may know Peter is currently battling illness.

Our collective thoughts go out to him as he recuperates from a surgical procedure that has become more invasive than anticipated.

We look forward to seeing him back on the Green, and knocking back a few after the match.

Les Herring – Australia Day Community Award Recipient

Unanimous congratulations from all the members of BBC for the great work being carried by Les for furthering the cause of Bowling.


Those who are obligated and to those wishing to contribute to the BBC newsletter, please do communicate verbally with the Editor, but put it in writing. Deposit it in the letter box provided by month’s end.

Thankyou in advance.