Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Brock, Bainbridge and Rolls QLD Open

Bradley Rolls won his first round game 7, 8 to Ross Morton 7, 6. Bradley then went on to play Eric Copeland in the next round, Bradley put down some of his best bowls but Eric Copeland was well up to the task winning the two sets to end Bradley's Queensland Open.

Jennifer Bainbridge and Lois Brock played International New Zealand player Serena Mathews and her partner Bronnie Cowie in a great game of bowls. Lois Brock performed very well on the day, turning heads around to win the first set. The second set went to Mathews taking the girls to the tie break. With time against them, only two ends of the tie break would be played, and with a first end 3 Mathews held the lead. Brock pulled out all stops to bring the game to a draw, but unfortunately the drives that had previously been so successful in the sets just didn't count in the tie break. 

All participants were pleased with their performances on the day and look forward to again participating in the qualifying rounds in the 2012 QLD Open.

Some of the links to Bowls Australia photos of Lois, Jennifer and Brad playing at the QLD open are listed below.

Lois Brock
Jennifer Bainbridge
Bradley Rolls