Monday, October 21, 2013

Updated Club Constitution, post Special General Meeting held on October 3rd 2013

After receiving an almost unanimous vote in favour at the Special General Meeting held at the Club on October 3rd 2013, and a minor amendment made by the Board on 10th October to By-Law 41.4 j) concerning arrangments for the Indoor Bowls Committee, the Approved version of the Berwick Bowling Club Constitution has now been sent to Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) for their scrutiny.

Once approved by CAV, the new Constitution can be progressively implemented in the affairs of the Club, leading towards a significant implementation in April 2014 when the current Mens and Ladies Section AGM's will be replaced with a single (unified) Bowls Section AGM, where elections will be held based on the new Organisational Structure for the Bowls Section.

Following the Bowls Section AGM in April, a Club AGM will be held in May 2014, where all Board and other Committee Elections will take place and the new Constitution will then completely replace the current one.

The final version (v7.0) of the Club Constitution as sent to CAV is now available at this link

Graham Rushton
Constitution Working Party