Sunday, August 17, 2014

Planning for Pennant Season (Tuesday and Saturday Pennant)


Planning for Pennant Season (Tuesday and Saturday Pennant)
Timetable and agenda

· September - Inter and Intra Club practice matches as arranged by the Selectors – see Notice Board and Website for details

· September - Off green session – Thursday 18thSeptember at 6.30pm. To cover aspects of“Playing the Game – strategy, tactics, game plans, roles and responsibilities”.

· September to end of season
    • Sunday 9.30 - noon – Coaching for new(er) bowlers
    • Monday 4.00 – 5.00 – greens available for Tuesday Pennant players No formal training session – Skips to organise. (Coaches are available upon request)
    • Tuesday 4.00 - 6.00pm – Primarily for Saturday pennant players. Drills session under the direction of Coaches.
    • Thursday 10.00am – noon – primarily for Mid week Pennant Players. Drill session under direction of Coaches.
    • Thursday 4.00pm – 6.00pm – for Saturday Pennant players – practice within your teams Skips to organise. (Coaches are available upon request)

· October – to end of season - “Development Squad” -each Thursday pm. Starting at 5.30pm – for 6-8 players nominated by Selectors (Tuesday and Saturday) for specialised training. Aim is to improve understanding of game, equip players for other roles, practice in drills.

· October to end of season - “Remedial Training” - players to attend private sessions from coaches as DIRECTED by Selectors. Times by mutual agreement.

In addition to these scheduled sessions, coaches are always available for private training sessions. Contact any of the following Accredited Coaches to arrange a mutually agreeable time.

Coaching Panel for Season 2014-2015:

Club Coaches: Jeff Janetzki (Coaching Co-ordinator), Helen Di Stella, Ken Graeber, Les Herring, John Horwood, Andrew Johnson, John Lillie, Graeme Manifold, Bradley Rolls, Mark Walker.

Introductory Coaches: Kevin Bentley, Peter Cairncross, Kaylene Crook, Malcolm Garner, Anne Robinson, Charles Azzopardi