Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Berwick wins midweek Divisional semi final

In the Division 2 Open preliminary final at Mitcham, Berwick continued their good form to record a solid win earning the right to play for the Division 2 flag at Mitcham next Tuesday.

In cool and windy conditions and inspired by his pre-match address, Harlow’s rink hit the ground running and quickly led 10 nil. With Adams M. striking form his rink established an early lead with solid input from all positions whilst Joan Heggart’s rink struggled early lacking a good start and not putting enough bowls in the head.

Gradually all rinks built good leads, Fothergill, Mc. Donald and Thompson taking the pressure off their Skip and allowing him to hone his skills whilst Harlow’s rink forgot their medication at the lunch break and began to struggle. Meanwhile Adams L. was bowling steadily to ensure Heggart’s rink maintained a small advantage although the opposing Skipper played very well and saved numerous shots with good draw bowling.

Not to be denied, Berwick maintained the pressure, Adams M. rink in control as was Heggart’s and although Harlow’s rink got the shakes with the opposition closing to within four shots, they held on to win by five shots resulting in all Berwick’s rinks winning and one more week to complete the season.

Mitcham’s green was very good and a return to that venue for the grand final will ensure a good playing surface. With concentration and commitment which has been shown all season, this Open side should acquit themselves well and we wish them good bowling in the grand final.

Jean Fothergill.